6. A Constitution.

Murder, deliberate harm, theft and slavery all infringe on freedom and or property rights.

Having decided that our government will protect freedom and property rights to ensure that these offences should not happen we have decided to constitute a government.

A constitution gives government its power, defines the nature of that power and just as importantly provides limits of that power.  The contradiction at the heart of government means that there is a balancing act between government on the one hand, and freedom and property rights of you the people on the other.

A constitution protecting freedom and property rights would give the government the ability to raise an army for defence; a justice system which would administer common law, provide courts and a police service; and a treasury to raise taxes and pay for the government.

The minimal government would be therefore be small and have the following departments.

  1. Department of Defence
  2. Department of Justice
  3. Department of Environment*
  4. Department of Treasury

*I personally would also argue for a department of the environment.

You will appreciate that this is obviously a very simplistic overview of how a government is created by the people.  However it is sufficient to demonstrate why government exists at all in a free society and the role that government should take.

The final part in this series will discuss the balancing act between expanding the influence of government and the impact this has on maximal permissible freedom.


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