3. Why have a Government? – An answer.

Having identified a useful question:

  • ‘’What is the worst thing that could happen to you?’’

It is time to have a look at some potential answers.

Most people when they answer this question will probably come up with a few things.  Here is a list of answers that you may have come up with:

  1. death (to yourself or loved ones)
  2. debilitating injury
  3. loss of property
  4. slavery

There are probably others that you came up with, but the most IMPORTANT ones are covered above.  Despite the simplicity of the question and how obvious the answers are, those answers are sufficient to have an idea of what form government should take.

It is important to highlight, that death or injury by natural causes is often something government cannot prevent, nor is the loss of wealth or property from stupidity.  When those things are inflicted by OTHER people on you however, government can do something about it.

Remember we are attempting to build up a picture of the fundamental building blocks of a possible government and define the role it should have.  Hopefully some of you are already seeing a possible role for government in preventing these four ‘worse cases’ from being inflicted on you by others.  Indeed those governments around the world that were formed by the people and for the people were created with the purpose of protecting you and others against those kinds of infringements.

The relative luxury and safety which we live in now was not common place 300 year ago.  Yet despite the relative luxury and safety most people enjoy today the answers to the question of ’What is the worst thing that could happen to you?’’ remains same.  The basic premise of government 300 years ago is therefore the same basic premise of the government of today.


Next: Principles of Government.



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