This blog is my perspective of what role government should take in society and the impact that this should have for political decision making.  Political ideas should be created only by first having a sound understanding of the role of government.

I deliberately say should, because although it may be self-evident that an informed view on the role of government should come before political ideas which inform decision making, that very often isn’t the case.  Chances are that some of the political ideas YOU hold fall into the above category.

People of this age, especially those of my generation and younger (I am a 90s kid), believe they are more informed, more educated and therefore better placed to make political judgements that previous generations.  And yet their political views give no consideration to the basic role of government.  That’s a mistake.

Indeed there is very often little or any thought about political ideas other than if it passes a ‘gut check’ which is often sufficient for those ‘ideas’ to garner their/your support.  However political instincts can be disastrous without first knowing the role and the limits of government.

The reason for this blog is to highlight the role government should take in a free society.  Why this is important for political decision making, and to point out that political ideas despite being well intended are difficult or even impossible to implement without eroding some of the fundamental principles which our government was created to protect.

As a result, political ideas that are divisively either left or right, black or white, tend to be dangerous.  Every political idea has a cost, intended or otherwise, and the outcomes of political ideas needs to be scrutinised before and after implementation.